Events Management Support

Events Management Support

Looking to plan an event, but maybe you don’t know where to start?  Maybe planned a few things but are looking to organise something bigger?  We are here to help

We recognise the role that events play in improving students’ life outside the classroom and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into organising them!

To help with this, we have put together some resources to assist you in this. 

Before you start, it might be best to check out the training available on the AUSA Skillshub. By completing the AUSA 101 module and the Events training first, it will help give the below documents context.  It will also help you get your first steps into getting your role recognised on your Enhanced Transcript

There is COVID-19 specific return to activity information that can be seen by all Student Activities in the AUSA Committees Teams Channel.  Please read this carefully as well as reviewing our COVID-19 Hub to ensure you are keeping up to date on all government and university guidance to help keep all your guests and members safe.  


Additional Resources: