Saving Money, Energy and the Environment


Saving money energy and the environment


Greenhouse gas emissions and our climate emergency

Scientists of the IPCC recon we have less than 10 years to curb emissions that would cause runaway climate change. While the climate crisis is already destroying livelihoods and displacing people and is causing severe weather events here. While much progress has been made in reducing emissions there is still a lot that must be done. One area where we have varying degrees of control is our energy usage in particular our home energy use and systems.

The cost of Energy and heating

After rent energy is becoming the second largest Household expense, so it is important not just for the environment, but to reduce the cost of living that we learn to use it as wisely as possible.

Quick tips

These quick tips should be relevant to most who live in a flat where the occupants pay the energy bills from metered use.


Learn tips and skills in Our online detailed online courses!

These coerces are based on a coerces co-developed with SCAF and funded by the Climate challenge fund in 2019, they have since been updated and expanded. The courses provide detailed guidance on manging energy, bills and reducing Household costs. Some topics covered may be relevant to your household now, while others provide background knowledge or may be useful later in life. Each course finishes with a short quiz to test your knowledge. You can be issued with a digital certificate upon completion if you wish.



Course A: Understanding heating, knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

This course is recommended for anyone about to move flats or wanting to better understand heating systems.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand the pros and cons of different heating Technologies and set up's understand what your home or a flat you are viewing is equipped with, and what implications this has.
  • Learn your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • What to look out for when viewing a flat


Course A.pdf


Course B: Managing Heating controls and Energy bills, exploring energy saving measures

This course is recommended for anyone wanting to better understand their energy bill and how to cut it.


Learning objectives:

  • Understanding energy tariffs and bills, what to look for when switching provider
  • Knowing how to set heating to provide heat when and where needed.
  • Knowledge of different cost saving options
  • Spotting and busting energy wastage


Course B.pdf


Course C: Waste not want; reducing food waste


Learning objectives:

Reducing food waste and costs by:

  • Understanding what different types of expiry dates mean
  • How best to cook and store different types of food
  • Tips for smarter shopping


Course C.pdf