Greener Life on Campus


Want to make a difference for the environment? With our Greener Life on Campus resource, you can do just that, no matter your age, background or lifestyle. We’ve built a no-nonsense guide to leading a more sustainable life whilst living or working on campus.

In 2018 the IPCC reported that we only have 12 years to try and limit the adverse effects of climate change, including catastrophic weather events, poverty, and a high increase in the number of climate refugees.

It is all a bit daunting and hard to make sense of! How can I be more sustainable and lower my carbon footprint whilst at university? You may be wondering and looking for tips and solutions.

There is so much you can do, and with this comprehensive online tool, we can show you exactly how!

With the help of the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and in partnership with Home Energy Scotland, the AUSA AberGreen project created a resource for you that you can complete online, at your own pace, breaking it down into small bite-size chunks and return to anytime you fancy. This is now maintained and operated through the #RoadToNetZero campaign; a joint effort between University of Aberdeen and AUSA. 

Most of the content in this resource has been designed for those taking an interest in home energy, and many of the recommended solutions are not only good for the environment, but will help you make sense of living alone, and in most cases will save you money.
The training is free of charge to all students and staff of the University of Aberdeen. Please note that while most of the content is for everyday use and is built to be also used out of university life, some of the recommendations or tools in this resource may not be suitable at other locations such as our lab audit tool!


Click here to access the Greener Life on Campus modules.

Quiz 1 – Heating & Hot Water Systems 

Quiz 2 - Renewable Technologies

Quiz 3 - Home Energy Efficiency

Quiz 4 - Being Green on Campus