Start an Activity

At Aberdeen University Students' Association, we already have over 200 societies, sports clubs, and student groups to choose from, but if you can’t find your passion within that list then why not set up an activity yourself?

We want to help you grow our community and make AUSA a place where students can express their creative ideas.

Adopt an Activity

Check out the list below to see if we have an activity aligning with your interests already set up. Activities that are up for adoption will have some documents, i.e. constitutions or bank accounts, already set up which will make the process of starting up quicker and easier. If you would like to put your activity up for adoption, get in touch with the Activities Team at We can provide a form for you to complete.

Create a New Activity

What do I need to do to create a new activity?

1. Check our current listings of activities to make sure that the activity which you plan to set up is not already in existence or very similar to an existing activity.
2. Have a minimum of 10 potential members willing to support your activity and 3 prospective committee members. (You will need the names and Student ID numbers from your ten members, for the committee members you will also need email and phone contact details)
3. If points 1 and 2 are met, then all you need to do is fill in this form, and we will take it from there.

What happens after you submit the form?
Once we have your completed application it’s taken to the Societies Union Committee to make a decision whether the application meets the criteria to become a new activity. Applications are reviewed monthly during term time. Over the summer months, you can still apply but there may be longer wait times for a response so please bear with us! All applications received after the deadline will be reviewed during the following affiliation session.

Have questions? Need help?
Email us on with your queries or to set up a meeting

Create a Student Group

Student Groups are a group of students that deliver a service to the student experience and are completely student-run.  Examples of this are Nightline, Bookends, and The Gaudie.

To start a new student group, you must ensure you meet the following criteria:

1. Your potential Student Group doesn’t meet the definition of a sports club or society
2. A student group must add to the student experience or add a student service on one of our campuses
3. You must be able to demonstrate that your potential student group is financially sustainable on its own.
4. Your potential membership must be 75% University of Aberdeen Students and the committee must be 100% University of Aberdeen students.
5. You must be able to provide a reason to AUSA as to why you need to be autonomous from AUSA and this reason must be in your Student Group constitution.

If you meet the above criteria, please send an email outlining this to


List of Activities Up for Adoption