Aberdeen Life Ethics is a non-sectarian society which believes in the intrinsic value of all human life, from fertilisation until natural death. This means we are particularly opposed to violent acts such as abortion and euthanasia. Our position is based on strong scientific evidence, as well as sound philosophical reasoning. 

Our goal is simple - we want to encourage students to participate in a movement that respects others and stands up for those who do not have a voice. In a culture that is increasingly hostile towards dissident thought, we aim to foster a sense of community on campus where like-minded individuals can come together, make friends, and speak freely about their views. 


Our primary aim is to educate our members, fellow students, and the wider public on the two biggest issues in life ethics, namely abortion and euthanasia. We do this in the following ways:

Monthly Members-Only Meetings 

In these meetings, we equip students with the necessary skills to defend the pro-life position, by hosting pro-life training and educational talks on the more complex areas of the debate. We also offer students the chance to lead their own presentations on a relevant topic of their choice. 

Public Events

We will be holding talks from external speakers who are experts in their field and a formal debate open to the public. We also host talks from members of our committee followed by question and answer sessions. 

On-Campus Activism

We regularly do on campus activism in order to change hearts and minds on the issues of abortion and euthanasia. We also offer support to pregnant and parenting students, as well as women struggling post-abortion and those close to them. This includes creating civil conversations with those who disagree with us, as well as handing out important literature. 

Social Events 

Our social events, both online and in-person when possible, are a great chance to connect with pro-life individuals. These events range from movie nights sparking discussion about the pro-life message, quiz nights, and casual chats to catch up throughout the year

Charity Work

We work to raise awareness for charities that support pregnant women and parents, post-abortive women (and those close to them), as well as charities that share our pro-life position. 


There are many benefits to joining the Aberdeen Life Ethics Society. Below is a list of some of the perks our members receive: 

Discounts on pro-life conferences such as, SPUC Annual Youth Conference and APS Leadership Training. 

  • Conferences are an excellent opportunity to engage with pro-life individuals and experts from around the world.

Access to private Facebook Group

  • To be anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia is to be outside of the majority, especially in a University setting. Joining our society allows you to connect with other like-minded students and keep in contact through a private facebook community. 

Exclusive talks from experts

  • Members will enjoy hearing presentations from highly qualified and experienced speakers.

Pro-Life Apologetics Training

  • Apologetics training gives you the information and skills to confidently defend the pro-life position - this training gives you transferable skills that can easily be applied to a workplace setting.

Opportunities to take part in Activism

  • Joining Aberdeen Life Ethics means you are part of a successful team of pro-life activists, we have changed many minds already and are always looking for more voices to help us defend life.