Development Plans

Development plan workshops – General Information

This year, AUSA staff and sabbatical officers have been reviewing all activities development plans in order to put together workshops that can best support all committees and members.

We have split the workshops in to the following areas to ensure that there is something for everyone:

If you have any questions at all then please email 

Wellbeing & Inclusivity

- Wellbeing & Inclusivity
- Personal / career development
- Financial Sustainability
- Environmental Sustainability
- Coaching & Performance
- Events & Participation
- As a committee, have a look at the sections below and discuss the workshops that would benefit your activity most from looking at development plan goals, then decide which committee member will go to which workshop (more than one committee member can attend each one)
- Sign up to the workshop by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and purchasing a free ticket for one of the below events
- You will then be sent a link for the event 

Wellbeing Officer Training - Thursday the 2nd of September at 11am -
- Please sign up via the events section on the general page
- Open to Student Activities who are currently wellbeing officers or are interested in becoming one (doesn’t have to be officially in the constitution at this time so you won’t need an EGM).
- Understanding what signposting materials and toolkits are available to students from the university and externally
- Role and responsibilities further explained from previous session
- Scenario session – what to do in various situations
- Brainstorming ideas around wellbeing campaigns / best practice
- Encouraging collaboration amongst student activities

Event & Engagement support

Over the past 6 months, you have all done a fantastic job in keeping members engaged through the various online activities that you have organised!
In order to keep up this up for the semester ahead, we have created workshops that you can all take part in to help you!

Online Events Team channel: Microsoft team available here containing:
- Online event toolkit and handbook to support committee members responsible for organising events, socials or fundraisers
- A central place where student activities can share ideas and events that were successful
- Packages and programmes that other activities have used will be made available here
- Its available to join now, the handbook is in the channel already but will be updated by the end of January

Events & Engagement workshop - Monday 30th of August from 13:00 to 14:30
Key topics / detail can be found below:
- Event & engagement ideas both online and face to face
- Microsoft Teams support – new breakout rooms feature
- Event planning support
- Creating a calendar of events

Can sign up by purchasing a free ticket from the event section at the bottom of the general page, open to all student activities looking for support with online engagement / activities.

Environmental Sustainability

More information to come soon! - Please join the team here.

Financial Sustainability

From looking at all development plans, it’s clear that from an AUSA perspective we can do more to support treasurers, especially when it comes to completing end of year reports.

We realise that a workshop just now may not be relevant however we will be looking to organise a workshop for both current and incoming treasurers. This will act as a bit of a handover process so that the new treasurers have both the support from AUSA and from the current treasurer. Topics that will be covered are:
- How to budget? – basic and advanced levels will be covered
- Budget forecasting – looking to support you to forecast for 1 or 2 years in advance to support sustainability
- Peer support system in place in April for new treasurers and current treasurers to complete a handover
- End of year report – it’s strongly encouraged that all activities submit this in to AUSA by June.
- Union Brew – How activities can make money from this when it opens again
- Sponsorship – Supporting toolkit on sponsorship and how to create successful financial partnerships.

Please keep an eye out for more information about this workshop that will be out in September

Coaching & Performance

More information be out soon.