FoodSharing Hub

Foodsharing Hub

The Foodshare hub is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union building opposite bookends, it can be accessed whenever the Students’ Union building is open. Volunteers regularly restock the shelves and fridge with donated food collected from supermarkets in the mornings and cafes in the evenings. This is generally food which has past its best before date but is still considered safe for consumption or items from damaged multipacks or discontinued product lines.

The aim is to reduce food waste and provide some food for Student’s to help themselves to for free.


How can I volunteer?

We are always looking for more volunteers, the more who volunteer the more collections we can make, and this means more food can be saved! Complete this form to get involved, receive an induction training, and get collecting surplus food from our supermarket and café partners as much or as little as fits your schedule.


Can I donate my own food?

Yes, but there are a few important rules.

  • Do not donate any expired food with a “USE BY” date. Items with a “Best Before”, “Display Until” or “Sell by” date are fine if they are not opened or requiring refrigeration
  • Do not donate open packages or half used items