Constitution and Byelaws

Aberdeen University Students' Association (AUSA) is a registered charity in Scotland and as such, we are governed by a constitution. The AUSA Constitution along with the associated AUSA Byelaws are the fundamental rules and regulations by which AUSA operates. Our constitution and our byelaws can be accessed below. If you have any questions about any of these documents, you can email

You can find AUSA’s Constitution here.

The AUSA Byelaws are outlined below. You can download each document by clicking on the title.


Last Updated

Byelaw 1 - Membership

February 2017

Byelaw 2 - Referenda

February 2017

Byelaw 3 - Students' Association Council

March 2022

Byelaw 4 - Sabbatical Officer Roles (An amendment was passed to the officer roles which will come into effect from the 1st July 2022)

June 2021

Byelaw 5 - Standing Committees

June 2021

Byelaw 6 - Liberation and Section Forums

June 2021

Byelaw 7 - AUSA Societies Union

June 2020

Byelaw 8 - Aberdeen University Sports Union

June 2020

Byelaw 9 - Student Groups

April 2021

Byelaw 10 - Resignation and Removal of Officers or Duties

February 2017

Byelaw 11 - Code of Conduct for all Members

February 2017

Byelaw 12 - Members' Complaints Procedure

February 2017

Byelaw 13 - Election Regulations

January 2021

Byelaw 14 - Student Policy

February 2017

Byelaw 15 - AUSA Equality and Diversity Policy

February 2017


Who can change these documents?


The AUSA Constitution is reviewed every five years to make sure it’s kept up to date and reflects the Association that students want to see. Outside this timescale, amendments to the Constitution may be affected by:

  • a resolution of the Members passed at a general meeting by at least 75% of those present and voting; or
  • a resolution passed by a 75% majority of the Members voting in a Referendum provided that at least 10% of Members cast a vote in the Referendum; or
  • a resolution passed by the Board of Trustees

provided the Court of the University of Aberdeen approved the amendments.


The Trustees and the Student Council have the power from time to time to jointly make, repeal or amend Byelaws as to the management of the Association and its working practices provided that such Byelaws are not inconsistent with the Constitution. Byelaws can be amended at Student Council by a resolution passed by 75% of the Members present at the meeting; these changes must be ratified by the Trustee board.