Hungarian Society

Our objective is to aid people in understanding Hungarian culture and history while also strengthening cross-cultural bonds. This can be done through cooking classes, presentations, wine tasting events (Hungary has famous wine regions!), performances and many more! In addition to this, we hope to have joint events with other societies in order to broaden our reach and the perspectives of those around us.

We aim to allow for University of Aberdeen students to become more well-rounded world citizens by engaging with a (possibly) new culture. Hungarian students who join will be able to not only share what they know, but also learn new things as well; not only gaining knowledge of their own country, but of the global community. Hungary is not a very well known country in the European Union and a benefit of having this society in the university is that more people would have a better understanding of the world around them. In addition to this, we hope to create educational and enjoyable events for all.