Sabbatical Officers

There are 5 sabbatical officers, 9 non-sabbaticals and 11 directly elected standing committees which form the representational governance of the Students’ Association.

Chubbe Anucha

Student President


Alice McClellan

Sports Officer

Alice helps you by:

  • Making sure that activities are open to everyone from causal gym-users to elite athletes
  • Ensuring sports clubs are open and inclusive to all in the student community
  • Making sure University sport volunteers are supported and recognised for their hard work

Jenny Killin

Welfare Officer


Liam Fuller

Education Officer

My Calendar Availability

I offer appointments if you send me an email and drop ins as per my dairy.

My Blogs

Liam represents you to the university on all things education. This includes Academic Reps and working on the STAR Award

Lewis Macleod

Communities Officer