Sabbatical Officers

Cecilia Wallback

Student President

  • The Student President often sits on the more senior level of University Committees, such as Court. Their job is to ensure that the views of students are made clear in the most important University decisions.
  • The Student President also oversees communication between AUSA and its members.
  • The Student President offers support for Liberation Forums and Sections, along with support to the Foresterhill Committee.
  • The Student President oversees the implementation and upholding of AUSA’s policy and encourages measures that support the diversity of the student community. The Student President promotes the democratic structure of AUSA.
  • The Student President is expected to lead campaigns on student issues, delivering positive change at the University, locally and nationally. 
  • The Student President serves as a delegate to the Annual Conference of the National Union of Students (NUS) and contributes to the AUSA activities within the organisation.

Isla Scott

Sports Officer

  • The Sports Officer encourages students to become involved in recreational, intra-mural, and performance sport along with fitness and wellbeing programmes.
  • The Officer also represents views and interests of students on sporting matters to the University, locally and nationally.
  • The Sports Officer organises an event during the Freshers’ Week to promote all areas of the Sports Union within the University to all students and ensures that all participants in the Sports Union are equally considered in allocating resources and facilities.
  • This Officer attends the meetings of Aberdeen Sports Village monitoring group as well as represents Sports Clubs within British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and Scottish Student Sport (SSS).
  • The Sports Officer organises meetings with representatives of all recognised Sports Clubs. The Officer promotes sport also within the local community.
  • The Sports Officer organises and promotes the Granite City Challenge together with the Robert Gordon University (RGU). Jointly with the Welfare Officer, the Sports Officer organises and promotes the Healthy Body and Healthy Mind initiative.

Alexander Acheampong

Welfare Officer

  • The Welfare Officer represents student views and interests relating to welfare matters at the University, locally and nationally.
  • The Officer is responsible for overseeing activities in relation to student funding, hardship and employment issues as well as AUSA welfare services at the Student Advice Centre.
  • The Officer supports, coordinates and organises relevant campaigns and activities on welfare issues, including mental health, sexual health, personal safety, and safety at home, with relevant committees.
  • The Officer also leads the Welfare Committee and liaises with local community groups.
  • The Officer also works together with the Sports Officer to promote the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Initiative and engages with the issues of student groups, such as LGBTQ+ and disabled students.

Dariya Koleva

Education Officer

  • The Education Officer represents students on educational and teaching quality issues in the University, locally and nationally, reporting regularly to relevant AUSA committees.
  • This Officer also leads the Association's work on issues of national higher education policy in consultation with the other Officers and students.
  • The Education Officer oversees the recruitment, training and work of Class Representatives in collaboration with the Student Representative Department.
  • The Officer offers support and guidance to School Conveners and Postgraduate Reps.
  • This role requires the candidate to chair the Education and Postgraduate Education Committee and liaise with the Postgraduate Students’ Forum.
  • The Education Officer supports individual students on academic issues that have wider policy implications in consultation with the Student Advice Centre and coordinates campaigns on issues of educational and teaching quality.

Louise Henrard

Communities Officer

  • The Communities Officer’s work remit includes overseeing activities and representation on issues of sustainability, environment and ethics, the local and student community, and accommodation within the University and the city.
  • The Communities Officer collaborates with the Student Advice Centre to raise awareness of issues surrounding the University and private sector accommodation.
  • The Communities Officer liaises with local community groups and campaigns on issues affecting students in the local area.
  • The Communities Officer supports Communities as well as Environment and Ethics Committee.