Students' Union Spaces

The Student's Union have a few bookable spaces for use by all Students. Please see below for details on each space. Please also see below for details regarding External Speakers and serving food at any event.

  1. Union Brew @ Students' Union Building
  2. Little Brew @ Hillhead Halls 
  3. Crafts Room @ Students' Union Building
  4. Hillhead GP Hall @ Hillhead Halls 
  5. Balgownie Pavillion 
  6. Hillhead Pavillion
  7. Sports Facilities i.e., Balgownie Pitches, Hillhead Pitches, Kings Pitches & Tennis Courts, Butchart Recreational Centre, and Aberdeen Sports Village.

Step 1: Choose your space

Decide on what are and equipment you would like to book for your activity. During undergrad term time we don’t recommend doing this before 4pm as the building can be very busy for lunch. Conversely if you are wanting to book a table (e.g. for a bake sale or promotion) 10am-4pm is likely the times you will get the most engagement. See the different space options here for more information.


Step 2: Make sure you are ready to book

The group you are booking on behalf on needs to have completed their annual risk assessment and reaffiliation before you can book the space, make sure you do this first as you booking will be rejected if this is not completed. Additionally there may be two additional requirements if you are hosting an external speaker (e.g. a panel talk) or booking for an activity where you will serve food (e.g. bake sale, potluck)


Step 3: Make a reservation

You can automatically reserve the space you want at any available time using our automated booking tool here (for Union Brew, other spaces below)


Step 4: Await confirmation

We will be in touch shortly should we require any other information, or to confirm your booking If you haven't heard back and it has been two working days, or it is less than 2 days until your event, or if your event required special arrangements or for any other query please send an email to


Union Brew @ Students' Union Building

Union Brew is located in the Students' Union Building, part of the Old Aberdeen Campus.

While the spaces around union brew are open to the public, whenever the café is open, you can book a section of the space for an event or stall.

You can book either the upper or the lower section of union brew for an event, this is perfect if you want to run a larger event with your club and society, but don't mind the public being present in other parts of the venue. 

Bookings can be made by Students' or University staff for Student activities or University departments, these bookings are not suitable for private or commercial bookings. For external and commercial bookings please arrange these with our media partner here.

For exhibitions at Union Brew, bookings can be made here.



Little Brew @ Hillhead halls

We are working on getting this set up on the website too, please email to book this space now!


  ** picture to follow**




Crafts room - Students' Union Building  

You can book the crafts room below to use as a creative space or to work on projects, campaigns, or just to chill out a bit. The room is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union Building. Upon booking you can collect the key from the Union Brew baristas. Please bring a screenshot of your calendar booking to show and your Student ID card.

The room will be ready for you to use with basic art supplies such as pens, assorted paints, brushes, scissors, glue, tape, card etc. A sewing machine and some thread, bobbins etc. are also available. If you’re planning a campaign, you might want to make use of one of the spare t-shirts, sheets or cardboard we collected for you.

Should you have any queries in relation to this space, please contact

Make a booking for the crafts room using the self-service booking here.

Meeting Lounge @ Students' Union Building 

Room 009 is bookable during term time on week day evenings.

Book the room here