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Coaches Policy

Please see our Activities Policies ( page where you can find our Coaches Policy and other policies which apply to our student activities 


How to become a coach

What kind of coach do you want to be? Sports coaching is such a diverse sector that you’ll always find something you’re interested in. 

You do not need to have a qualification to assist, but most people start by achieving a Level 1 coaching course in their chosen sport, this will enable you to become a coaching assistant under the direct supervision of a qualified teacher or a level 2 sports coach.  Most national governing bodies if not all, provide a Level 1 coaching course as an entry level. 

Some helpful information can be found on the Sport Scotland Website.There is also some helpful information on the SSS website 


Students’ Union Coach Registration

At the beginning of each academic year, the Students' Union ask that all coaches and volunteers associated to any Sports Union club register  to become an approved Coach.

Any person, internal or external to the membership of the Student Activity, providing tutor to students participating in a physical activity is classed as a Coach and requires to complete the Students' Union Club Coach Registration 2023-24 form.

Registration should be completed by all coaches, deliverers and session leads irrespective of whether they are students or non-students and whether they are paid or volunteers. Coaches, deliverers and session leads will NOT be allowed to attend training/fixtures without submitting a completed form. 

We would ask that you read the Students' Union Coaches Policy which can be found here before completing the form. 


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