Academic Reps

What is an Academic Representative?

Academic Representatives (Academic Reps) are elected student volunteers chosen by their peers to be the voice of the student body.
Academic rep elections are held at the being of an academic year or semester. Academic reps represent YOU on academic matters, ensuring your courses and programmes are the best they can be. Helping to ensure that the student voice is heard at student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings (SSLC).

This year, there are approximately 600 reps in all 13 schools.


Why are Academic Reps Important?

Academic reps are a valuable asset to the students association, as they bridge the gap between the student body and the University and Aberdeen University Students' association (AUSA). Without the academic reps your Student association are unaware of any potential course issues and to ensure that the University proceeds with a good code of practice.

Role & Responsibility of an Academic rep

  • Ensuring your classmates have a way to feedback to the university
  • Communicating to your School Convener about what is going on in your classes
  • Attending SSLC meetings 
  • Communicating back to students what the University have been discussing about their courses and programmes.

Benefits of Being an Academic rep

  •  A great way of getting involved with AUSA
  •  Personal development
  • Acquiring skills employers want such as problem solving, team work, verbal communication
  • Gaining skills and experience to enhance your  CV
  • Understand how the University, your Schools and your course works


Intrested but unsure you have the skills to be a rep?

AUSA offers a range of workshops for all reps, providing you with transferable skills required in the academic rep role. Academic reps are provided with a handbook which contains information and advice about the role.

How do I become an academic representative?

Student Interested in taken  the responsibility of an academic representative, nominate yourself here, if have any questions please e-mail us at or


Useful information: 

Volunteer handbook

Rep Handbook

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