Academic Reps

What is an Academic Representative?

An Academic Rep is a student that is elected at the start of the year by their peers in their classes. They represent you on Academic issues and help shape your student experience. In total there are approximatedly 600 reps over 13 schools! 

Why are Academic Reps Important?

They serve as a valuable link between the University, the Students' Association and the student body. Their role is hugely important and a very rewarding one. Whether you decide to become a Rep or if you just want to find out who your representative is, we are here to help you.

AUSA and the University of Aberdeen work in partnership to ensure that the student voice is heard and taken seriously at every level. Student Academic Reps plays a vital role in this by attending their Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) within their School.

Use your Rep

What type of issues does a Student Academic Rep deal with?

Your Rep can feedback any positive or negative comments you may have about your School, subject or module through attending Student-Staff Panels; these occur on average once a semester. As a result of being trained to signpost students to the relevant people, Reps are also great sources of information regarding the various services the University of Aberdeen and AUSA has to offer.

How do I contact my Academic Representative?

If you have feedback or if you have a question to ask them, then there are number of ways for you to find out who they are and how best to contact them. Your Rep should do at least one shout-out in a lecture per semester, and will also send out e-mails encouraging comments and engagement. If you're still unable to find out who to contact, e-mail us at and we'll point you in the right direction. Failing that, a list of your representatives is available here.

Where does my feedback go?

Academic Reps shall work throughout the year on issues that Students highlight. Reps shall raise these issues in their SSLC where they meet with University staff and other reps. They shall then decide if they can solve this issue or if it needs to be taken higher up. Your Rep shall then feedback the outcome back to you keeping you up to date on your issue until it has been resolved.

Click here to find out your SSLC dates

Being a Rep!

Useful information: 

Volunteer handbook

Rep Handbook