Sawadee Kub/Ka!

The Thai society of Aberdeen was created to celebrate Thai culture and all it's glory. This includes Thai Food, Religion, Tradition. The beautiful islands, the bustling metropolis capital and it's Millions of Inhabitants, halfway across the globe from where you are right this moment a totally different culture is happening day by day:

  • Learn about Thailand and it's unique culture by spending time with Thai locals
  • Eat, drink and enjoy Thai cuisine accompanied with games and shows relating to Thai culture 
  • But most of all just come to our events, enjoy yourself and make friends!

This society will also be helping out Thai students and South-East Asian International students who might need guidance or a helping hand from International students who came before.

We are here to help. In any way we can.

ANYONE can join up, be a member and we can promise you free food, drinks, games and many more fun nights in collaboration with other societies!

Hey you never know, you might make a friend that invites you to Thailand, summer trip sorted!

You're still hesitant and you want to first have a look at our society, here's the link to our facebook page and eventually everything else!

IF you have read this far, wow thankyou, I would buy you a membership myself, so why not just click that green button on the right, checkout, and come find me, keep the receipt!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message on facebook or email us, our committee will be happy to help!