We are the society for the 3rd best linguistics department in the UK (currently working on beating Oxbridge). Since 2013, we have gathered all kinds of language lovers, from the phonetics fans to the semantically confused to the pragmaticists. Everyone (except prescriptivists) are welcome, even if you just love a well-spun pun.

We host linguistics-related events that range from academic talks with experts to chill pub socials and movie nights. We also hold study sessions on a regular basis, where students gather to help each other out or to just whine about the newest assignment in solidarity.

This year (2020-21) we will be hosting the annual Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) conference. 

Come along to have some fun and maybe learn a little with other language lovers. 





Conlang Workshop with AURA
22nd March 2am - 3:30am
MS Teams: Link TBD
The Aberdeen University Roleplaying Association (AURA) and the Aberdeen University Linguistics Society (AULS) are teaming up to announce that we will be co-hosting a conlanging workshop.