With over a century of know-how, we have a variety of events for all interests, including the epic MedSoc Ball, SNIMS and the unmissable Beerienteering.

As a fresher we set you up with a medic family, support your studies and show the best of the Granite City day and night!



  • Medic Freshers' Fayre and Regent Evening: Thursday 10th September - Suttie Centre at 4pm
  • MedSoc Quiz: Thursday 17th September - Suttie Centre at 12pm
  • Adoption Party: Friday 25th September - AUSA Building, Old Johnston Dining Hall 6pm
  • Beerienteering: Tuesday 13th October - Across Aberdeen!
  • Scottish and Northern Irish Medical Schools Sports Weekend (SNIMS): Friday 23rd October - Edinburgh all weekend
  • Sports Ball: Saturday 21st November - Hilton Tree Tops at 7pm
  • Students vs. Doctors Sports Day: Saturday 21st November 2015
  • Robbie Burns Supper: Friday 22nd January 2016 - Forum
  • MedSoc Ball: Saturday 20th February 2016 - The Marcliffe Hotel at 6:30pm
  • MedSoc Revue: March 2016