Sexual Health

Students have sex, we know that and we want to make sure that you have the information to make decisions about contraception and where to go in Aberdeen if you think there is a problem. Remember that it is important to only do what you feel comfortable with. It’s perfectly normal not to want to have sex, and ‘no’ is always an acceptable answer.

If you would like to speak to someone confidentially you can request an appointment with our Wellbeing Advisor by emailing

This is a great website for all things Sexual Health -

We are also aware that some of you may become involved in selling / exchanging sex or images online, if this is something you are involved in and you want to discuss with someone in confidence, without fear of repercussions or judgment, please see the information at the bottom of this page in relation to a great local support service CLiCK.


Condoms are one popular form of contraception because they protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. You can get free condoms (regular, king size, trim & latex free), femidoms, and lubricant from the AUSA reception, located on the ground floor of the AUSA Students' Union (The Hub). 

There is also a wide range of other forms of contraceptives available, including the contraceptive pill, coil, injection, and implant. If you want more information about these different forms we can provide you with information through AUSA Advice, or for more detailed information try contacting your GP or the Family Planning Clinic. These forms of protection don’t prevent you from contracting an STI so make use of the free condoms on offer.

Emergency Contraception

Even if you do have protected sex the condom might split, though this is rare.  In this event, you may wish to consider the emergency contraceptive “the morning after pill” which is available for free from pharmacies, your local GP, and the Grampian Sexual Health Service.  The emergency contraceptive pill is not an alternative to other planned methods of contraception.


If you think you might be pregnant it is important to get it confirmed as early as possible. Pregnancy testing kits are available to buy from most chemists that allow you to test at home. It is important to talk to someone about it, whether that someone is a friend or family member or one of the people from around campus who can listen. AUSA Advice would be more than happy to listen to your concerns. If, however, you want to get further information and details on the choices available to you then perhaps you would like to contact the family planning clinic.

Grampian Sexual Health Services
The Health Village
Frederick Street

For all Grampian sexual health services contact 0345 337 99 00 or visit


Selling/exchanging sex or images online?

Have you ever been involved in selling/exchanging sex or images online? Do you want to chat about how things are going? is an inclusive and confidential service supporting the safety and wellbeing of individuals involved in Scotland’s sex industry. 
They have an online chat or a free helpline (0300 124 5564) which can be accessed completely anonymously, as well as loads of information and resources on their website.  Find out more at