Termination of Studies

Student Monitoring

The University of Aberdeen operates a student monitoring system for all students regardless of year of study and level. 

This is mostly under taken in the form of C6 & C7's. 

What does it mean?

Firstly, don't panic, there is a solution to your problem. The earlier you attempt to fix it, the more willing the University will be to help. 

If you have missed classes, failed to hand in course-work you may be sent an email from monitoring@abdn.ac.uk with a C6, entailing that you are at risk of losing your class certificate. 

You must respond within 8 days from the date the email was sent. It will clearly tell you who to respond to in your email. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully as failure to do so will result in an automatic C7. 

If you do not respond to the C6 email, or you continue to miss class or hand in course work, you will be given a C7. This means that you have been removed from the module and have lost the right to stay on your course.

Implications of a C7 are:

  • Loss of access to MyAberdeen for the course to which the C7 was issued.
  • Exam ineligibility and resit ineligibility.
  • Course Failure
  • Where more than one C7 is issued, possible termination of studies. 

How to remove a C7

You can take action to remove a C7 via the normal appeal route. To find out how to make an appeal, click here. You need to respond within 10 working days of receiving your C7 email.

We would encourage you to continue to attend classes if you are appealing your C7. This means that you do not lose vital teaching time and knowledge should your appeal be successful. When appealing the decision your status as a student remains the same, and your are entitled to attend classes.

If your appeal is successful, a C4 will appear on your student record. 

If you get sent an email, and are unsure who to contact, get in touch with AUSA Student Advice Centre on 01224 274200 or ausaadvice@abdn.ac.uk and we will be able to direct you to the correct area.