Council Tax

Full-time students are exempt from paying council tax in private accommodation but be aware that you are not automatically exempt. Upon moving into a new property, you must fill out a ‘Council Tax Exemption’ form. 

You can apply for exemption online here.

You may be asked for proof of your student status; you can request this from the university by emailing 

Do be aware that if you are sharing your flat with a non-student then they will be liable to pay council tax. This will not be your responsibility providing you submit your exemption form to the Council. Persons who do cohabit with students have a reduction of 25% on the council tax bill – providing they are the only non-student in the household.

For more advice or if you have received a council tax bill and are unsure what to do please get in touch by emailing or you can contact the Aberdeen City Council - Council Tax Office directly.