More often than not, students renting in the private sector will require a UK-based Guarantor. This is someone who signs to say that if you miss your rent payment, they will be liable for the bill. Most often a parent/guardian is used as a guarantor. Usually, if you are on a joint tenancy, each tenant will provide their own guarantor, however, some landlords may ask for one guarantor for the whole flat. This may be important to think about if you’re living with a number of people – will there be someone who is willing to guarantee all of your rents?

What if I don’t have a UK Guarantor?

If you do not have a UK guarantor there are a few things we suggest.

  • If you are from the EU some letting agents/landlords will accept an EU guarantor instead.

  • You can offer to pay a larger security deposit instead of having a guarantor.

  • You can pay for several month's rent upfront - the legal maximum that can be asked for is 6 months.


The University of Aberdeen Rental Guarantor Scheme has been established to enable students to secure privately rented accommodation by providing a UK-based guarantor (this does not include private purpose-built student accommodation). For more information and to find out if you may be eligible please visit their page here. *Please note that the University has now stopped taking applications for session 2021.