Living in Halls

Student Accommodation

  • Can be booked months in advance.
  • With most student providers you only pay a one off utility bill and you don’t have to worry about paying bills for the rest of the contract.
  • You usually won't have to worry about having the internet installed, as this is usually included with the rent.
  • You can often arrange for your friends to be in the same flat with you if you ask for it and there is space available
  • The majority of student accommodation is situated on campus or within walking distance


  • Some student accommodation contracts last through the summer months, often until August. If you plan on leaving Aberdeen in June after exams, you will be paying for a room that you won’t be using.
  • Most contracts are for the entire year, and students can only be released from the contracts in exceptional circumstances.
  • Some student accommodation can often be party central- not ideal if you’re planning on some serious studying! Check with your provider for specific halls for mature or post-graduate students.
  • Student accommodation is often much more expensive than private accommodation.
  • Some student accommodations charge a small fee to change the rent payments to monthly instalments rather than paying lump sums. Not all providers do this- students should check with the company they are with.

Advertising Halls of Residence

If you wish to move out from University's halls of residence, you can advertise your room with us. Simply fill out our online form here.