Private Accommodation


  • You have your own personal private flat to yourself - a new sense of freedom
  • You can look for a property that suits your needs and requirements exactly
  • Private accommodation often works out cheaper than student accommodation
  • You may be able to negotiate the length of contract with your landlord


  • It can often take a while to find a suitable private property.
  • It will usually be your responsibility to pay your monthly bills. If living with friends, make sure everyone is aware of their share- if someone doesn’t pay their way, the gas/electric/internet company will look to whoever else is in the property to pay the bills.
  • Students looking to live with their friends in a 3/4/5/6 bedroom property will find it tough- few landlords have such large properties, therefore competition from other students is intense. You may have to consider splitting your group up.
  • It is harder to secure private accommodation months in advance, especially if you are looking for September entry. The majority of landlords will not advertise any earlier than March/ April. The best time to look for private accommodation is 6-10 weeks prior to entry.
  • It can be difficult searching for a flat/ room if you are not in the city (i.e. over summer vacation), as the majority of landlords will not let you take out a property without you viewing it first.
  • Regardless of what type of accommodation you go into, be aware that your lease will not cover insurance of your belongings, nor have a TV licence if you have a TV in the property. You will have to get both of these yourself