Funding Your Studies

Funding Your Studies

If you are a UK or EU undergraduate student then you can apply to get help with paying your fees, either through a grant or a loan depending on where you are from.  UK undergraduate students can also apply for help with their living costs in the form of a student loan and possibly a grant or bursary. 

UK students

Students funded by SAAS - Student Awards Agency for Scotland should check the SAAS website for up to date loan/bursary arrangements. 


Announcements for the following academic year are usually made round about Easter. 


Likewise students funded by their relevant bodies in England, Northern Ireland and Wales should check the relevant website for loan/bursary information. 


EU students

Some points to consider:

  • Have you applied to SAAS for payment of your tuition fees?
  • NOTE for new EU students – unless you were resident in the UK for a period of three years prior to August 1 of the commencement of your first year and where in the UK “for purposes other than education” you are not eligible for funding for living costs from the Student Loan Company.

Overseas students

We have a detailed section regarding international students and problems that you are likely to occur.  This section can be found in the Equal Opportunities page.  

Some points to consider:

  • Have you confirmed beyond doubt that both your tuition fees and your living cost can be met. If necessary you can pay your fees by instalments?

If you do have potential problems please do contact the Finance office as soon as possible. Do not leave it till they start sending ever more strict reminders