Hate Crime - Third Party Reporting

Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020 - Information from Police Scotland:


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What is a Hate Crime? 

A crime motivated by malice or ill will towards a social group because of: Race; Sexual orientation; Religion/faith; Disability; Transgender/Gender Identity 

How can I report a Hate Crime? 

Police Scotland is committed to making it as easy as possible for victims to report a hate crime. As such there are various ways you can report a Hate Crime by calling 101, using the online form, visiting your nearest police station or third party reporting centre. 

What is Third Party Reporting? 

In some cases victims (or witnesses) of Hate Crime may not feel comfortable reporting the matter directly to the police and may be more comfortable reporting it to someone in their community. The police work in partnership with a variety of organisations to provide third party reporting centres. Staff within these centres have been trained to assist individuals in reporting any hate crimes using the Police Scotland online reporting system. You can find you your nearest Third Party Reporting centre here. You can contact whichever centre your are most comfortable with.