Personal Safety

Clubs and pubs 

To protect your drink from being spiked don’t leave it unattended in a pub or club. If you want to visit the bathroom, go outside to smoke or have a dance ask a friend to watch it for you. 

Walking at night 

Walking back from a night out or studying late in library can seem the most practical (and cost-effective) way to get home. However, it's always advisable to avoid walking alone and leave in groups whenever possible. 

If walking alone be alert, walk confidently and avoid carrying all your possessions in one bag. Stick to well-lit roads, plan your journey before you leave and don’t walk with your headphones in. You can call Aberdeen Nightline on 01224 272829 to have a friendly voice to speak to on your way home.


During the week, taxi ranks can be found off Union Street at Back Wynd, Dee Street and Chapel Street. On the weekend, there are various taxi ranks stationed along Union Street.

If you find yourself stuck without cash, you can use the Safe Taxi Scheme to get home. Simply call Rainbow City Taxis at 01224878787, say you are booking a taxi under the Safe Taxi account and tell them your university and ID number. Hand over your ID card to the driver, and collect a receipt from them when you leave. When you receive email confirmation of your taxi bill, you will be able to settle this and collect your ID card from AUSA students union.

Financial Safety


Don’t give anyone else access to your bank PIN, internet/online banking passwords, or university login details.

Don’t give out any personal details to strangers who phone or email you claiming to be from your bank – they may be bogus. Your bank will never ask for your PIN or your password over the phone or in an email. If in doubt, hang up and call your bank on the usual phone number.

Don’t answer any emails telling you that you have won a lottery that you haven’t bought a ticket for – these emails are scams, designed to rip you off. Never, ever send these people any money.

Cash machines 

When you use a cash machine, make sure that nobody can see you typing in your PIN. Don’t allow anyone to stand close behind you or to distract you when the card is released by the machine (for example, by dropping something or by tapping your shoulder). For more information about preventing crime and keeping yourself safe see the Crimestoppers website.