Veg Bag Cooperative

Welcome to the VegBag Co-operative Website!

VegBag Cooperative

This page aims to give you a basic introduction to what the VegBag co-operative is exactly and how it runs.

The student-run VegBag co-operative brings ORGANIC, seasonal and as local as possible fruit and veggies to the campus every week! They come from a local, organic, wholesale distributor and farm called  Lembas.

Our Philosophy

We simply would rather get cheaper organic veggies that you can really taste! The abundant availability of over-packaged, ready-prepared, clean, inorganically grown vegetables in shops is just overwhelming, and the cold exchange of money for food over the counter in massive supermarkets with glaring yellow lights is just not an experience that especially attracts us. It’s also a bit worrying to think that some kids these days do not know what a carrot looks like! Anyway, enough!  

Where and when?

You will find us on the first floor of the AUSA Student Union, right beside The Corner Food Co-operative,  every Tuesday from 12-2pm.

How can you join and how does it work?

Becoming a member of the co-operative costs £6. Membership means that you get TWO co-operative jute bags. It works so that when you come to the AUSA Student Union to collect your bag of vegetables, you bring your empty jute bag back and in exchange, we give you a full jute bag of vegetables. Hence, no need for plastic bags. By the way the veg is muddy and whole!

A bag of vegetables cost £6. You can have one every week, every other week or whichever week you'd like! We have to order the vegetables one week in advance. (Please note that we do not send emails to remind you to collect your VegBag, so it is your own responsibility to remember) 

So say you came to the AUSA Student Union on Tuesday 4th October and wanted a VegBag. You would give us £6 and collect your VegBag the following week later on the 11th.

Come help out!

We are constantly in need of volunteers so just come and talk to us VegBabes if you're interested, especially if you have had a driving licence for 3 years or more! You can help packing the bags or even go to the farm to collect the vegetables and everyone who helps out gets their bag for only £4. 

As for the cold exchange, well it’s quite a different experience. We often put recipes in the bags and you can even order your fresh bread at the same time from the student bakery. Remember that the co-operative is run by volunteers and we are happy if you are interested in volunteering or generally a nice, fun person! Please remember, however, that we are not paid and won't tolerate rude members.

We also hold fun and interesting events such as film viewings, raw food workshops and parties in the VegGarden! Any ideas are welcome.

That’s about all; if you have any questions email us at or come see us at the AUSA Students Union!