Results 2019

The September 2019 Student Council Elections results:

Vice-Chair of Council - Mustafa Ozbilgehan

Communities Committee

Vice-Chair Community - Tomas Pizarro-Escuti

Ordinary Member - Jack Boag

Education Committee

Qatar Campus Representative - Re-Open Nominations

School Of Engineering Convener - Amy Connelly

School Of Law Convener - Louise Paterson

School Of Medical Sciences Convener - David Mercieca

School Of Social Science Convener - Fiona Gyoeri

Environment and Ethics Committee


Ordinary Member - Alba U. Roman, Giulia Trezza, Zofie Hobzikova, Piper Booth,  Caroline Beaumelou


Postgraduate Education Committee


Postgraduate Rep For Business - Kwadwo Boateng

Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee


Rag Vice-Chair - Laura Szabo

Ordinary Member - Charlotte Ines Colombo, Elin Ida Relve Larsson


Societies Union Committee


Ordinary Member - Derek Gardiner, Emily Cope, Casimir De Bonneval


Sports Union Committee


Vice-Chair Sport - Re-Open Nominations

Welfare Committee  

Foresterhill Rep - Anushka -

Ordinary Member - Michael Crosbie

Foresterhill Committee

Biomedical Sciences Rep - Sabrina Lawson-Mcdowall

Medicine Rep - Mo Rafe Hussain

Foresterhill Chair - Hwan Heo

Disabled Students' Forum

Disabled Students' Forum Convener - Markus Kurz


You can find the results here.


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