Results 2019

The 2019 Student Council Elections

Chair of Council - Lea Rattei

Communities Committee

Ordinary Members - Wiktoria Korbecka, Anttoni Numminen

Education Committee

School of Business Convener – Alexandra Vodentzis

School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Convener – Ivana Drdakova

Vice-Chair Education – Ondrej Kucerak

Environment and Ethics Committee

Vice-Chair Environment & Ethics – Alisa Koester

Ordinary Member – Bianca Yara Blohberger

Waste Officer – Renske De Leeuw

International Students’ Forum

Ordinary Member – Florina Birkert

Mature Students’ Forum

Mature Students’ Forum Convener – Eleanor Alver

Postgraduate Education Committee

Postgraduate Rep for Graduate Research School – Christopher Lewis

Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee

RAG Chair – Harnam Mann

Ordinary Member – Laura Szabo, Davide Bonne, Isla McPherson, Alanna Buchan

Societies and Union Committee

Societies Union Chair – Daniel O’Connor

Vice-Chair Societies Union – Conor McGregor

Ordinary Member – Wouter Grünewald

Sports Union Committee

Event and Social Convener – David Sjoblom, Victoria Orr Llado

Welfare Committee  

Ordinary Member – Magnus Robertson, Anna Lindfors

You can find the results here.


We want to welcome new Sabbatical Officers. Meet your new Sabbs and see who will represent you this year! 

You can find the Sabbatical Officers Elections results here.

Student President

Cecilia Wallback

Education Officer

Dariya Koleva

Sports Officer

Isla Scott

Communities Officer

Louise Henrard

Welfare Officer

Alexander Acheampong