AUSA Class Rep Conference 2018

7th Floor Duncan Rice Library

Thursday 22 February 2018 at 12:30pm - 5pm

AUSA Class Rep Conference 2018


The event is free of charge and is open to class reps in the academic year 2017/2018 only


We invite you to come along to the Class Rep Conference 2018 on the 22nd of February and spend an afternoon with us where we will discuss the latest in the education sector, what’s happening at Aberdeen Uni, and nationally, and how you can get involved.

It also provides a fantastic opportunity to network with your fellow class reps, participate in dynamic workshops to build your communication, active listening and creative representation skills, listen to inspirational talks… and much more!

Keynote speakers include Professor Peter McGeorge Vice-Principal for Education at University of Aberdeen, Jodie Waite Vice-President for Education at NUS.  

Coffee and cake will be provided. Spaces for the conference are limited, early booking recommended.




Professor Peter McGeorge

The role of the Vice-Principal for Education, the value class reps offer / impact they have, why is feedback so important, education in Scotland, education in Aberdeen, any important facts/stats re Aberdeen uni rankings, etc.


Professor Peter McGeorge is Vice Principal for Learning & Teaching, with responsibility for leading the University’s commitment to continually improving the quality of academic experience for our students, achieving the benefits of our curriculum reform project, and widening access and participation. Professor McGeorge studied Behavioural Sciences (Psychology/Zoology) at the University of Nottingham before completing his PhD in Experimental Psychology. He moved to the University of Aberdeen in 1990 to become a post-doctoral research fellow and subsequently a lecturer in the School of Psychology. In 2004 he became the Head of School of Psychology and in 2010 was appointed Vice-Principal for Learning and Teaching.


Jodie Waite

What is NUS, Vice-president for Education’s role in NUS, how do class reps fit in with NUS and the bigger picture, females in leadership, motivational / encouraging message for class reps, etc.


Jodie Waite is Vice President (Education) for NUS Scotland and is the first woman in history to hold this position. As a student activist, she has campaigned for the rights of students and apprentices, and builds on this work in her NUS role. Her other priorities include widening access, the Teaching Excellence Framework and ensuring that students’ have a say in the process of leaving the EU. Prior to her role at NUS Scotland Jodie was Vice President of the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University and a trustee of the GCU Student’s Association, having graduated in Business with Marketing. Her focus has been on working with students to ensure they receive a high quality educational experience and on equality and diversity.


Donna Connelly

The role of the Education Officer, AUSA officer elections and the importance of democratic representation, AUSA and class reps, thank speakers and facilitators and for reps’ participation, etc.


As a mature BSc Computing Science student at Aberdeen, Donna ran to be Education Officer to facilitate real changes at the University that directly affect the student experience and will have positive and lasting effects for years to come. Her experience as a former student ambassador for widening participation aids Donna’s work on campaigning for access to all, and working towards ensuring articulating students are provided with adequate support. Increasing support for mature students to ensure participation in the student experience,  raising awareness to lessen the stigma of invisible disabilities on campus, and working closely with the University on all departments having an open-door policy with regards to providing feedback on exams, are but a few issues Donna has been addressing since elected in 2017.


Running Order


12.30pm – Registration opens

1.00pm – Class Rep Conference 2018 Opened

1.00-1.30 – Talk on the Education Sector by Professor Peter McGeorge

1.30pm – QnA with Vice-principal for Education

1.40pm – Talk on NUS and Representation by Jodie Waite

1.55pm – QnA with Jodie Waite

2.00pm – Workshop facilitators introduced, room arrangements clarified

2.05-2.15 – Coffee Break

2.15 – Workshops Start

4.30- Talk on AUSA and leadership by Donna Connelly

4.45- QnA with Donna Connelly

5.00 – End of Formal part of Conference


Upon registration participants will be asked if they would be interested in an informal social after the conference. Arrangements to be confirmed depending on interest.



You will be able to choose one of the three workshops on offer. Spaces are capped and limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Upon booking you will be asked to number the workshops in order of preference


  1. What does success look like for a class rep? By Simon Varwell

Everyone wants class reps to be successful in what they do – but what does success look like? How do class reps (and those they work with) know whether they have had any impact in their role? This workshop will explore different ways of reflecting on your role and through a series of interactive exercises and discussions, we will help you to develop ways in which you can identify and celebrate the impact you can make as a class rep in these five areas: 

  1. The learning experience on your course.
  2. Your own skills and employability.
  3. The students’ association.
  4. The wider university.
  5. The general nature of your subject and related industries.


Upon completing this workshop, you’ll receive a certificate made out by sparqs.


Simon Varwell is a Development Consultant with Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs), the national agency for student engagement in Scotland’s colleges and universities. sparqs provides training, consultancy and support within institutions and nationally to develop ways in which staff and students can work together to enhance the quality of the learning experience. Simon has been with sparqs for over ten years, and previously worked at Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council and the University of the Highlands and Islands. He is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and was AUSA’s first-ever President in 2000-2001.


  1. Active Listening, feedback and conflict resolution by Lili Z Nagy

This practical workshop will build on the basics covered in the AUSA class rep training on communication and providing feedback. Through exploring scenarios and participating in group work, participants will work on providing effective feedback to their department, resolving conflicts between fellow students and university staff, and will have the chance to practice their active listening and effective negation skills. This workshop is intended to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge your perceptions on what effective communication really is.


Upon completing this workshop, you’ll receive a certificate made out by AUSA.


Lili Z Nagy is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen with years of experience working in and volunteering for the charity sector, supporting individuals in voluntary roles, and managing community projects. Since October 2017 as the Student Representation Coordinator of AUSA Lili provides support to the student body and staff at the University to enhance the impact of representation and leadership roles. Active listening, constructive feedback, conflict resolution and developing solutions to issues is a key part of Lili’s role. Outside of her work at AUSA, Lili is currently pursuing her British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy accreditation in child and youth counselling and has a keen interest in sustainable and ethical business management.


  1. Look After Your Mate by Emily Norton

Friends are often the first person that we talk to when we are having a difficult time. It may be that as a class rep you become a trusted friend for somebody. Friendship can play a key role in helping someone live with or recover from difficulties they are facing. Providing this support isn’t always easy, it can be hard to know what to say and when to say it. Come along to this workshop and take home all these skills and a certificate made out to you by Student Minds:

  1. Spotting signs your friend is struggling.
  2. How to start a conversation.
  3. Key practical tips for supporting a friend: listening and motivating.
  4. Signposting to further support.
  5. Looking after your own wellbeing as a supporter.


Emily Norton Welfare and Campaigns Assistant at AUSA joined the team at AUSA’s Student Support Centre in 2016 and has since supported hundreds of students with housing and mental health related queries and issues. A former MA History student at Aberdeen University, Emily understands the needs of students at Aberdeen, and is passionate about promoting and advocating for student welfare and acting as an advisor to help facilitate positive changes for both groups and individuals.


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