University Librarian - Focus Group

Friday 07 December 2018 at 9am - 11:40am

University Librarian - Focus Group

Would you be willing to take part in a focus group to help determine who our new University Librarian will be?

Email your Student Association President, Lawson Ogubie ( to be registered to participate.

What happens at the focus group?

You will meet each candidate for about 30 minutes and will be asked to complete feedback forms for them.  In providing this feedback, the Discussion Group recognises that its role is to provide broad feedback to the Selection Committee regarding the strengths of each candidate based on the discussions that took place – the Discussion Group does not use a scoring process and candidates’ applications or attempts to assess the suitability and/or experience of the candidates for the role.


As a group, you will be asked to provide short comments on the following areas of assessment (I will have handouts available on the day):

How well did the candidate engage with the participants of the Discussion Group?

To what extent did the candidate express ideas/arguments/opinions in a coherent, logical and structured manner?

How knowledgeable was the candidate in relation to the specific topics discussed by the Discussion Group?

Did the candidate demonstrate a clear strategic vision and inspire confidence as a potential leader for the Library?