Energy Saving 101

Students' Union Building Room 101

Thursday 05 September 2019 at 3pm - 5pm

Energy Saving 101

Come drop by, meet new people and be part of a team to join a quick Family Feud Game and Win some great prizes.

All questions will be related to energy.

More about our energy drop ins:

Are you new to living alone? Not quite sure how to manage your bills, or just want to find out more about the E-Champ training AberGreen offers? Come along to our Energy Saving Session to learn essential tips and tricks on how you could reduce your energy consumption at home; this will not only lower your carbon footprint but save you a lot of money too. We'll have free hot drinks and snacks available.

To find Room 101 head to the Students' Union Building on Elphinstone Road and take the stairs up on to the first floor. Room 101 is the glass walled room behind the elevator.

AberGreen is a community-led sustainability education project with the aim of helping the uni community reduce its carbon footprint through fun, interactive, skills-building events, whilst building on the strong sense of community in Aberdeen. To get involved email To find out more about who we are and read up on all the different strands visit