AUSA Building Welcome

AUSA Hillhead

Saturday 31 August 2019 at 9am - 3pm

AUSA Building Welcome

Freshers' Week 2019 - Event announcement 

Welcome, welcome! Move-In Weekend will be very busy, but we will be there to help you and answer all your queries.

Come down to AUSA Building in Hillhead on Saturday, 31st of August and Sunday, 1st of September to meet AUSA staff and buy your wristbands - you definitely don't want to miss all the events and perks that come with it.

You can also visit the SwapShop for some great finds.

Welcome buses will be running all day from Aberdeen International Airport to Hillhead.

Visit the Headspace building to collect your Student ID, get set up on the Wi-Fi and meet Student Life University of Aberdeen staff.

More Events

Open Session with Student President @ Foresterhill
24th September 3pm - 5pm
Suttie Centre
Living Rent Session
24th September 5pm - 6:30pm
Suttie Centre, Room 210
Open Session with Student President @ Hillhead
24th September 5pm - 7pm
AUSA Building in Hillhead
Open Session with Student President @ Union Brew
26th September 1pm - 3pm
Union Brew