AUSA General Meeting


Tuesday 12 November 2019 at 5pm - 8pm

AUSA General Meeting



Instead of a regular Student Council meeting in November, AUSA is holding a General Meeting. A General Meeting (GM) of the student body is an opportunity for all students at the University of Aberdeen to submit, discuss, and vote on motions and policy, deciding the focus and direction of AUSA. By hosting a GM, this also ensures that all students have an opportunity to vote on values and activities of the Association, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to have your say in what AUSA does and how we represent you.

A General Meeting is different from an Annual General Meeting (AGM to be hosted in February), as the AGM is a place to hear the annual accounts, hold the Trustee Board accountable, and hear what AUSA has been up to the previous year. Following this, motions submitted by students will be discussed. During a GM, only the latter occurs. This is also time to find hold your Sabbatical Officers accountable to their work and manifesto pledges.

What are motions? Motions are initiatives by students that once passed, become official AUSA policy.

How to write and submit a motion for the General Meeting? All motions need to be written and follow the ‘Council notes, Council believes, Council resolves’ format. For the General Meeting, this needs to be ‘General meeting notes, General meeting believes, General meeting resolves’. All motions need one proposer and one seconder to be discussed by the GM, which need to be sent to the Student Council Chair at For further guidance on how to write a motion, please go to the Student Council website, email the Student Council or any of the Sabbatical Officers.

The deadline to submit a motion for the General Meeting is the 4th of November. After this, the reading materials will be published on the AUSA website and social media. The deadline to submit amendments to any motions is on the 7th of November.