Event Description

Freshers' Picnic

Elphinstone Lawn

Saturday 25 September 2021 at 2pm - 4pm

Freshers' Picnic

We are starting off this year with a relaxed freshers’ picnic on Elphinstone Lawn :D

Come along, meet the committee members and ask us any questions you might have or just relax in the sun with some baked goods and a cup of tea or coffee. 

We will be meeting at Elphinstone Lawn at 2pm Saturday the 25th (subject to change), where we will hang out with some biscuits, baked goods, tea and coffee. 

We will also host a society favourite:  A biscuit dunking competition! Who can dunk their biscuit in the tea for the longest time, without it breaking? Is this a secret talent of yours? Are you the new champion? Come along and show us! :D 

We ask all attendees to bring their own cup and plate as we want to minimise any person-person contact due to covid. Hand sanitizer will be provided, and we will have one committee member handing out the food and drinks. 

Feel free to bring any baked good that you would like to share, but we will have to ask that you let the "designated distributor" hand out the delicious baked goods :)
We would also like to encourage the use of face masks when moving around and not eating.

This event is free for all, so pack your picnic bags and head down to campus! We cannot wait to see you all there :D