Event Description

Dracula: A Tragedy

Arts Lecture Theatre, William Guild Building

Friday 01 December 2023 at 6pm - 8pm

Join us, fellow ghosts and goblins for Centre Stage’s horror production of Dracula: a Tragedy. Written by Marcus Brabban, Dan McCollum and Aiden Shaya, a unique interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Directed by Aiden Shaya and produced by Marcus Brabban and Dan McCollum. Location: Arts Lecture Theatre. Doors open at 6 pm with the curtain rising at 6:30 pm. In this reimagining of the Stoker Classic, the noble Vlad Dracula must confront his tortured past and a mistake that has haunted him throughout the Centuries. Journeying to Britain to seek a cure for his hideous curse, but behind him lurks the ghost of his past in the form of the Yellow Queen. As she struggles to break free, he must grapple with a new era that may not be as different from the old world that he sought to escape.

Cast List

Vlad Dracula - Aiden Shaya

Mina Murray - Lucia Savage

Lucy Westenra - Liliana Rossi

Yellow Queen - Andrea Michelle

Jonathan Harker – Joel Thiel

Arthur Goldman - Gulliver Turner

Abraham Van Helsing – Gavin Williamson

Dr. Jack Seward – Sarika Kreetz

Renfield – Alana Hill

Captain Ferguson – Jess Buchan

Innkeeper’s Wife/American Woman – Aaliyah Neil

Innkeeper – Naqeeb Kakar


Tickets can be bought here online, or on the door in CASH, prices as follows:

- £2.50 members

- £5 students (non-members)

- £8 non-students (non-members)

Our shows are all student-led amateur productions, so be sure to come along to support us, and invite all your friends!