Event Description

Through Our Lenses


Tuesday 22 September 2020 at noon - 1pm

Through Our Lenses

Through Our Lenses - A Photography Competition!

Welcome to AUPS's first event of the year! This time we are going digital, in the form of a photography competition!

Whether in Aberdeen or not, we will ask you to go and take some photographs - inside or outside (whatever is safe and doable for you). This can be of anything or anyone! If you don't have any fancy camera equipment - don't worry, your phone camera works just fine.

If you don't feel like submitting anything, you're just as welcome to tag along and check out some photography.

When you have chosen your best picture of choice, please add a brief description to the photo and send it to us through abdnuniphotosoc@gmail.com latest by midnight 21st of September.

We will then hold an online "exhibition" via Microsoft Teams where we will present and review your photographs and you will get to meet the committee! The meeting link will be posted on Facebook (facebook.com/abdnphotosoc) before the event starts. Two lucky winners will then be rewarded £20 and £10 Amazon vouchers, as well as a post on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

We are also looking for someone to be our First-year representative, feel free to enquire about the role when we meet on the 21st!

See you there and good luck with the photography!