Sustainable Energy Art Competition



Sustainable energy has a huge potential for a renewable and low carbon future, as well as economic and industrial growth.  To engage our local community, AberGreen is excited to announce our upcoming Art Competition + Exhibition!  What do you think of when you hear 'sustainable energy' or talk of renewable energy sources? What will the world energy grid look like ten years from now, fifty years from now, a century from now? What is the best way to inspire individual awareness, action and engagement? These - and many more - are all relevant questions in our world today and we'd like to see your take! Click the link above to find out more.

Submit your artistic take for a chance to be featured in the exhibition, and to win a brand-new Ridgeback Comet bicycle or a sustainability bundle to help you live low-carbon on campus.  Questions?  Email

Click here to see the Terms and Conditions of the competition.