Sustainable Resolutions 2019


Have you thought about your New Year's Resolutions?

We think it might be a great time to add a little more sustainability to your life. Why not try one of our Sustainable Resolutions this year to lead a healthier lifestyle and lower your carbon footprint at the same time? It’s okay if you’re not too big on resolutions, we understand. Our guide is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to make a little change in their lives, whether it is a resolution or not. Climate Change can’t wait, which is why we think January is a great time to start! Download your own copy here to keep track of your progress, or see the links below to download the individual pages of the checklist as you go through the months. 

Single Pages

Please use these charts as a guide to keep track of which sessions you’ve attended and which Sustainable Resolutions they fulfil. Our suggested number of sessions needed to complete each resolution is 4, but complete as many as you like! Some sessions may fulfil more than one, which is marked by the coloured boxes next to each event. Tally each colour at the bottom to see how well you’ve done!

January 15th - 26th

January 27th - February 17th

February 17th - March 12th

March 13th - 27th

Our Suggested Sustainable Resolutions:

Low Carbon Cooking

This year I want to explore my culinary skills and practice low carbon cooking. This way I can create delicious and healthy meals and learn about the carbon footprint of seasonal produce.


Sustainable Gardening

I have been meaning to start a little garden of my own, or even just grow herbs in my windowsill. I would like to create a sustainable space that’s easy to manage and learn the skills to grow organic produce.


Cycling & Active Travel

Cycling was always such a fun activity when I was younger. If I learned a little about bike mechanics and cycling safety I could get back on the road in no time! 


Waste Management

I always wondered how I could manage my food and home waste. This year seems like a great time for me to learn some sewing skills and be able to repair some of those old clothes I have in my wardrobe.

Energy Saving

My energy bills were a bit higher than I would have liked. I could definitely do with learning how to better manage my energy consumption, or just to even understand how to control my heating.