Waste Reduction
Our climate is in crisis, yet our society is so wasteful, especially the production of garments has become one of the world largest polluters.
The Waste reduction strand of the Abergreen project aims to promote a circular economy for items, reducing the amount of things we have to send to landfill and Teaching skills to upcycle/ repair and reuse items.

We will be using our CCF funding to improve the infrastructure and operation of the SwapShop, increasing its popularity and reach, and to run upcycling workshops. Whether you’d like to help out at the SwapShop or help run a sewing class, why not get involved!
We will be hosting six Upcycling workshops each term, where we shall teach sewing and other skills on how to give items a second life. We shall make use of items which come into the SwapShop.These events aim to be fun and educational, for some we may team up with organisations or societies who are making a difference by tackling climate change. If would like to help out run some of these events, do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Learn - Grow - Have Fun!

Zero waste hero

Life savers needed, could you help to give hundreds of unswappable SwapShop donations a second life? We are looking for two volunteers to manage and increase the social media presence of Abergreen Sewing/ upcycling classes by writing posts, taking photos and being filmed for short informational clips with upcycling and sewing tips. This role has the universities’ Silver Star Award accreditation.

If you are interested or have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch:
Joseph Huttich
01224 274297
Here are some tips on how you can reduce your amount of waste:
- Reduce: We are prone to buying more than we need, think if you really need something before buying it, how much would it be used or could you borrow it from a friend. When shopping avoid excess packaging, and use a reusable bag. Use refillable bottles, on the go coffee cups and Tupperware.
- Reuse: Try Shopping in charity shops or using the SwapShop rather than buying new items, saving money and the environment. Before throwing something out think if someone else could want it, could it be donated, could it be fixed or used for something else?
- Recycle: If you can’t reuse something recycle it where possible, recycling in Aberdeen covers Food, Paper, some plastics and metals and glass. Check out recycle points for electrical waste and textiles, and recycle batteries at the library or in some stores.




The Swap Shop is an innovative, eco-friendly student run indicative for exchanging products. SwapShop is run by Shared planet society and supported by the AberGreen Project.

We have a permanent shop located on the ground floor of the AUSA Students' Union Building (The Hub) - just down the corridor beside Subway. We have a second branch in the AUSA building at Hillhead too, which can be used whenever the building is open. You are welcome to drop off donations in the donation box and browse our collection at any time during the building opening hours. 

Here you will find all kinds of treasures from cool clothing to kitchen items and stationary. Browsers are welcome, so feel free to drop by and have a look through all the amazing things we have. We do not deal with money, everything is completely free!

Each time we throw stuff away we add to the piles of rubbish that are mounting up in landfill sites. In the UK we are running out of space for landfill because there is so much rubbish. Well, we think one man's rubbish is another man's treasure, which is why we believe that exchanging items makes perfect sense! The piles of rubbish in landfill sites produce CO2, which contributes to climate change; just another reason why reusing items as much as possible makes sense. So next time you are out shopping ask yourself, where will this item end up after I have used it? How long will it last? Is it worth it? And remember to bring your things to the Swap Shop when you no longer need it!

Unfortunately, there are some items we cannot accept: Food, cosmetics or toiletries that have been opened, some larger furniture items and broken items. If you are not sure just check with us: swapshop.uoa@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/swapshop.uoa/  or simply drop by the Swap Shop in AUSA Students' Union Building (The Hub) Ground Floor! 

Volunteer with us!  We're always keen to hear from people who would like to volunteer with us! Simply, shoot us an email at swapshop.uoa@gmail.com, message us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/swapshop.uoa/  or come by the Swap Shop for a chat.

Sewing and Upcyling

Check out the events section of the website to see when the next sewing or upcycling events are taking place. If you are looking for tips on how to care for and repair your cloths then follow the link to Love Your Clothes, which is part of the charity Wrap and has a library of tips and video guides.