Sports Annual Awards  

Blues Awards 

The prestigious Sports Union Blues are awarded to members who have reached the highest level in their field. Every year the applications are always of an immensely high level, and we at the Sports Union are sure that this new year will be no exception. Student-Athletes trying to balance a full-time degree, while playing at Scottish and British University level, with some representing their country at full international level is a tremendous feat.  The Blues Awards are presented each year at the annual Sports Ball. 

Colours Awards 

The AUSA Colours Awards are for individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their club or to Sport at the University of Aberdeen. The award takes into account not only sporting performance and achievement but also positions of responsibility, fundraising and even developing new players. They are awarded at two levels, Colours and Colours with Distinction. Colours are awarded to AUSA students actively involved in the development and organisation of their AUSA Sports Club. The Colours Awards are open to those leaving or graduating from the University of Aberdeen in 2021.

The nomination must be made on behalf of the nominee by a member of the Club committee, this could be a committee member from either the 21/22 or 22/23 years. The nominee must have shown dedication to the club through various activities such as fundraising, committee position, events, games, training, transport, etc. The award is either of Colours or Colours with Distinction.


Sports Ball

The Sports Ball is an annual event, usually consisting of the award ceremony, dinner, and dance. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the university’s incredible sports clubs and individual talent who have excelled within the last year.  

AJM Edwards Memorial Award (Exceptional Services to a Club)  

This is one of the most prestigious trophies awarded to an individual.  The award is in memory of Mr Freddie Edwards, Honorary President of the Athletic Association from 1976-1983, and is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to University sport over a number of years.  The contribution is in the form of exceptional active or administrative services to the club, made either as a faithful club servant, committee member, coach or player.  Nominations are made to the Blue’s Committee, but the final decision is made by Mr Mel Edwards, son of Mr Freddie Edwards.  

Blues Bowl (Fresher of the Year)   

The Blues Bowl award was created in memory of Duncan Watson (1965-1985) and is awarded annually at the discretion of the Blues Committee. It is awarded to the Fresher who has made an outstanding contribution to their Club(s), both on and off the field, during the previous academic year, and who is under twenty-one years of age. 

Sandy Morrison Memorial Trophy (Athlete of the Year)  

The Sandy Morrison Memorial Trophy is an award dedicated to the memory of Sandy Morrison, a groundsman at the University for many years, and is presented to an individual who has shown outstanding achievement at their chosen sport during the academic year.  

The Centenary Cup (Individual or Team in a Single Event)  

The Centenary Cup was first awarded in 1991 to celebrate one hundred years of the Athletic Association and is presented due to the generosity of past members of the Athletic Association.  It is awarded at the discretion of the Blue’s Committee, to an individual or team who excelled in a single event. 

Allender Memorial Trophy (Club of the Year) 

This trophy is presented in memory of Gerry Allender, an Assistant Director of Physical Education, who was killed in a car crash in 1963.  It is awarded to the “Most Deserving Club”.  This does not necessarily mean the Club with the best record over the year.  Many other criteria are taken into account; for example, money-raising efforts, Club Committee organisation, events organised by the Club (i.e. tours, dances, etc), and efforts to encourage new members. 

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Other awards  

The Mitchell Barclay Trophy (Best Footballer) 

The Mitchell Barclay Trophy was first awarded in 2018 in memory of Mitchell Barclay, a past student and keen footballer at the University. It is presented to the best footballer, man or woman, based on their performance during the previous academic year.  This is awarded by the Football Presidents annually. 

Aberdeen City Sport Awards 

These are annual awards organised by athletic bodies all over Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  Nominations open in the summer months and are open to student-athletes.  Categories are open to volunteers, coaches, and athletes. 

SSS awards 

This is an awards programme conducted annually to recognise student-athletes at the end of each academic year.  These awards are given out at the SSS awards ball each June with nominations opening in March.    

Committee awards 

Having your own annual awards at the of the academic year is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the wins or commemorate the losses as a team. Those awards are also a great way to recognise individual student-athletes for contributions to the club or sport.  

Sports clubs bursaries & scholarships URL: 

The University of Aberdeen’s Development Trust Sports Bursary Scheme is funded each year by the Development Trust through fundraising, the support of business, and alumni of the university. A Sports Bursary award is made on a one-year renewable basis and is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

For full details including application dates please see the Sport and Exercise website.   



Congratulations to all athletes, clubs and committees! 


Half Blues:  


Marusa Glinsek  

Leticia Villoch  

Joanna Wroblewska  

Piotr Wolodko  

Jokubas Kuprys  

Domitilla Di Stefano  

Clara Canosa  

Martina Ferretti  

Swimming and Waterpolo:  

Gabriel Indries  

Maree Wood 

Lewis Birrell  

Jamie Allison 


Mairi Buchanan  

Kayla Webster 


Dean Porter  

Andrew Dunse  

Men’s Lacrosse: 

Jamie Cruickshank 


Full Blues:  


Maria Naneva  


Tamara Robinson-Burke 

Lara Dasar  

Anna Turnbull  

Swimming & Waterpolo:  

Gaia Alcaras  

Yvonne Brown  

Tom Robinson  

Conor Massey  

Jamie Ferguson 


Natalie Klimecka  


Michal Kozera  


Sports Awards: 

AJM Edwards Memorial Award 

Winner- Domitilla Di Stefano - Volleyball   

Blues Bowl (Fresher of the year) 

Winner- Olivia Burke – ABDN Snow  

Sandy Morrison Memorial Trophy (Athlete of the Year) 

Winner- Yasmin Perry – Swimming and Waterpolo   

The Centenary Cup (Individual or Team in a Single Event) 

Winner- Volleyball Men’s 1st Team  

Allender Memorial Trophy (Club of the Year) 

Winner- Volleyball