Promote your events, ideas, etc.

We are always happy to help you promote your event, success, charity fundraiser, or anything else. We can promote your initiatives across our social media platforms and share it in our newsletter. If you would like our help, please fill out our Promo Request form here.  

You can also promote your initiates within AUSA space at our Union Brew café by putting up posters promoting your initiative.  

You should also consider sharing information about the event you are organising on our website.  Presidents are granted admin rights on the 1st of August and are able to put up events that will appear in AUSA’s website and App.  This should be the hub of event dates for all AUSA Activities. Not sure how to do this?  Check out our training module in the AUSA skills hub here. 



Think about how you could reduce the number of materials used for promotion such as paper or ink. Could you promote the event online instead of giving away flyers? Perhaps, you could reuse an old cardboard box as a poster material?