BUCS and SSS Events

BUCS runs events all year round, covering a range of sports, from regional meetings, networks and conferences through to the major sporting events of Big Wednesday and Nationals

SSS offer 120+ competitions each year to their members.  Everything ranging from large multisport finals to regional competitions


Where do I find event information?

A full list of events can be found on the BUCS Events and Events - Scottish Student Sport. You will be able to find the entry information, entry deadlines and entry opening dates by viewing the specific event page.


Eligibilty to enter events

An individual can only represent an institution/Playing Entity with which they are registered (i.e., they have an AU Student ID).

You must also have purchased both Students' Union  specific Activity membership, as well as the Students Union membership.

A limited number of events allow guest entries. Guest entries allow a person who is not a student of a BUCS member institution to enter a BUCS event. Specific information regarding the allowance of guest entries can be found in the Entry Information of each event page.

To check whether you are eligible to compete in BUCS competitions, please visit BUCS REG 4 Individual Eligibility


Types of Events

There are two types of events 

  • A BUCS individual event includes events such as Athletics Cross Country, Fencing Championships, Swimming Long Course etc. 
  • A BUCS team event includes events such as Lacrosse 6s Championships, Rugby 7s Championships, Handball Championships, Korfball Championships, Canoe Polo Championships, etc. They also include relays in athletics and swimming events as well as boats in rowing and sailing etc.. 



Once an event's entries open, participants will be able to apply to enter for their institution prior to the “Student Deadline”.  

To apply for an Individual Event please follow these steps:

  • Competitor to APPLY to the event on BUCSPlay before the “Student Deadline”.  Once you have successfully applied, you will enter the event entry approval process. If a participant misses the student deadline, they will not be able to enter.

    • ?(Instructions on how to enter on BUCSPlay can be found here or please watch this YouTube video).  

  • Club President/Captain EMAIL Students’ Union Sports Office on fixtures@abdn.ac.uk to advise of competitor entries for approval before the  “Institution Administrator Deadline”. SU Sports Office DO NOT get automatic notification of entries, and if entries are not approved before the "IA deadline" BUCS will not be able to accept the entry.

  • SU Sports Office APPROVES entry, and forwards a copy of the BUCSPlay  "Event Teamsheet" export and Total Cost. SU Sports Office adds event to the  2023-24 Fixtures and Facility Bookings - Student Activities.xlsx spreadsheet.

  • Once you have successfully applied, you will enter the "event entry approval process"



Once event entries open, please speak to your Instutition Administrator (i.e., fixtures@abdn.ac.uk) and they be able to enter a team prior to the “Team Entry Deadline”.  

To apply for a Team Event please follow these steps:

  • Club President/Captain EMAIL Students’ Union Sports Office on fixtures@abdn.ac.uk requesting no. of team(s) to be entered, and advising Team Captain.

    • Should the Captain/President wish to attend at the Students' Union Sports Office to process team event entries please email Students’ Union Sports Office and request an appointment for at least 5 working days before the Team Entry Deadline.

  • SU Sports Office SUBMITS team(s) and selects captains for each Event Team. SU Sports Office adds event to the  2023-24 Fixtures and Facility Bookings - Student Activities.xlsx spreadsheet.

  • Club President/Captain ADVISES interested competitors to apply to join their respective event team.

  • Competitors APPLY for their respective event team before the "Team Join Deadline". If a participant does not apply to team, they will not be able to compete.

    • (Instructions on how to do enter via BUCSPlay can be found here or please watch this YouTube video)

  • Club President/Captain MOVES players onto the teams squad, from there the competitors can be selected onto Team Sheets

  • Once you have successfully applied, you will enter the "event entry approval process".


For any events that entries that do not require BUCS Institution Administrator approval, please advise SU Sports Office on fixtures@abdn.ac.uk so the so they can add event to the  2023-24 Fixtures and Facility Bookings - Student Activities.xlsx spreadsheet.


Event entry approval process

Following the entry deadline, if your entry was approved by Students' Union Sports Office as Institute Administrator , the BUCS Event Lead will finalise the entry list based on the event-specific qualifying criteria and the event's capacity

Once the entry list has been finalised, an Accepted/Provisional Entry List will be published on the BUCS website via the specific event page. If you have been successfully added to the final entry list, you will receive a pre-event email from BUCS with everything you will need to know about competing at the event.  


Guaranteed/Non-Guaranteed Places 

This is when there are restrictions on athletes participating in the event.  The “Gtd' entry will be granted entry in the first instance, and the 'Non gtd' entrants will then be ranked in best performance order within the qualification period and will fill the remaining spaces (if any) at that event. The “Gtd' entrant should be the athlete who you feel would provide the best performance over the qualification period. 


After the event has taken place, you will find the results/standings within the specific event page section on BUCS Play.

If you win your event, please let the Students' Union Sports Office know on fixtures@abdn.ac.uk know and we can look to promote this to the wider student community.



All costs associated with event entry are covered by the Activity, and it is at their discretion whether they would wish to cover this cost from the Activity bank account or ask each participation to contribute their own costs. 

Students' Union Sports Officedoes not contribute towards any costs for entering events.


If you have any queries relating to the above, please do not hesitate to contact the AUSA Sports Team.

Email : fixtures@abdn.ac.uk - Tel: 01224 438975 - Office : Students’ Union Sports Office | ASV | Linksfield Rd | Aberdeen, AB24 5RU