The Gaudie

The Gaudie has been an iconic part of student life at Aberdeen University since 1934, celebrating its 80th birthday in 2014. The Gaudie is the oldest independent student newspaper in Scotland according to both us and The Guardian.
The average length of the paper is 32 pages, with a readership of 1,000 in print, The Gaudie has grown into a successful 21st Century voice on campus at Aberdeen.

Published every second Wednesday during term time, it is distributed across campus and the city. Including Hillhead Halls of Residence, King’s College Campus, ASV sports centre and many places in between.

Covering News, Features, Opine, Science and Environment, Arts, Life and Style, Gaming and Technology, Satire and puzzles, Alba, and Sport, not only does The Gaudie cater for all reading tastes, but it also enables students to try their hand at a variety of different reporting and writing styles while helping keep our readers informed of everything that is going on around campus.

Written by you, for you, The Gaudie wouldn’t survive without its volunteers. Around 150 students contribute articles and photographs on an annual basis, as well as another 20 students who together edit it. Which isn’t bad for a University with no journalism school.

These section editors are responsible for engaging with new writers, editing their material and designing and laying up the pages which you then read. They are all full-time students and often work many hours a week alongside their studies to make sure The Gaudie maintains its quality.

For a budding journalist, photographer, or designer, there really is no better feeling than seeing your work in print – and that opportunity is readily available with The Gaudie, one of the best additions to your CV that your time at Aberdeen has to offer.