Room Bookings Updates and News

Posted Tuesday 19 March 2019

You asked – We listened: Room Bookings

At the AGM there were lots of questions about room bookings, why they are difficult and what AUSA is doing to help. 

Room bookings has been an ongoing challenge for AUSA as procedures change within the university systems regularly and we have faced a lot of space changes ourselves in the new building.

Where we can we have streamlined our bookings systems so that students can gain access to AUSA spaces.  The ground floor of the Union Building, where space is bookable can be found on our website.  Here you can also find the procedures for booking space in the hall in the GP central building in Hillhead as well as AUSA @ Hillhead.  There are photos and descriptions of the spaces so you know what you are booking and what the spaces can be used for.  We are hoping this will help student groups better access the space that AUSA offers. We are also hoping to develop this additional information for the main university spaces that students can book. We hope that this will help students request more appropriate choices.

In terms of the university rooms, AUSA sends a list of the presidents, treasurers and secretaries of each sport club and society to room bookings staff at the beginning of each year.  This way, room bookings can priorities bookings for student groups and are sure they are communicating with the right people.  However, priorities are still given to schools.  We are working with room bookings to ensure the students are getting more availability to priority space.  There will be more about this at committee training at the end of April.

We are aware some of you would like to start booking rooms for projects now for September.  This is very difficult to do in the University space because the class and exam schedule are not finalised.  Once this is done we send out a communication to new committees.  We are happy to say that AUSA space is available to book next year from now. 

AUSA is also starting a project over the summer that will explore external space off campus that can be accessed by students and what prices can be negotiated.  We will be looking for feedback on this in the April committee training as well.

If there is anything that you think we should be addressing in terms of room bookings please email .  We may not always have a solution, but we will do our best to help you where we can.  The more information we have about what you need we can then make priorities and start working towards more availability of space on campus.