Room Bookings Updates and News


We have been so happy to see so much activity back on campus!  But of course, with this, there has come challenges to get everyone the space they need!

We thought it would be good to get some updates below on some of the spaces we have been working on accessing and the different processes you would need to follow.  We know that having different spaces under different booking processes is not ideal.  AUSA has been committed to trying to simplify this for students, but we think it’s important that we give you as much info as possible to help you work within these barriers as effectively as possible while we continue to work on this.

It's a long update, but we promise it's worth while!

AUSA Website

We are currently in the progress of updating the other sections of the website to reflect the current booking processes outlined below.  Please bear with us as this can be time consuming but details have been emailed to committee email addresses and posted on the AUSA Committee’s Team.

AUSA Rooms on ground floor Students’ Union Building

These are unfortunately still closed.  After assessment from the university to check ventilation, the capacities of most spaces are only 1-2 people.  Therefore, we have made the decision to not open these spaces at this time.

Union Brew

We are currently working with Scott, the UB manager, to extend the opening hours and launch a new booking system.  This should allow you to book some or all of the venue for events.  Please watch your AUSA emails and this page for more updates.

Teaching spaces – or University Room bookings

We are delighted the room bookings team are now taking student activity bookings.  For all the information on how it works, you can check out the room bookings section of our website. 

But some information and changes to be aware of:

  • Block bookings will only be possible for first term.  The room bookings team will then review the process and we will send you an update. It’s to ensure they are booking fairly and to ensure that the process is working.
  • There are some changes to what you can and cannot do in teaching spaces at the moment do to legislation from the Scottish government around standards in teaching rooms at post-secondary education:
  • You must not move the furniture – everything is distanced to meet distancing standards
  • You cannot eat in the space (sorry, no pizza parties or tastings in the teaching rooms for now as this increases risk of droplets which is against current standards)
  • Only students can attend events in teaching spaces outside a guest lecturer or speaker.  More information on what you have to do if you have a guest on the link above.
  • Due to cleaning and security – only McRobert and New Kings’ will be available after 6:15
  • We ask that you help by:
  • encouraging everyone to use the hand sanitiser available in the space
  • Sanitise tables and chairs after you are finished with the sanitising materials provided so that bookings can be efficient.  If cleaning needs to be increased by cleaners, this can take time and make spaces unavailable.

Chaplaincy Rooms 

  • Chaplaincy also have access to our ‘risk assessment tracker’ and will be following most of the same process above.  Their rooms are on the smaller side, so please make sure you are approved for category 1 before you request a booking. 
  • Not all of their space is open and they are still processing requests.

Corporate room bookings – GP Hall

  • These are the event spaces on campus like Kings College, the GP hall at Hillhead and Elphinstone Hall 
  • Elphinstone Hall and Linklater are block booked until the end of first term.  We are reviewing the use of the space and a process for future bookings.  We will be in touch about this process soon. 
  • More information on Corporate rooms are available here on the AUSA website. The details haven’t been updated for COVID yet, so please bear with us as we update the detail of the pages. 
  • AUSA receive 20 hours a week in the GP hall – so please send requests to us first and we will forward to C&E.


Currently this space is fully booked for hours we have access to the space.  If you already have a booking and have concerns, please contact Adam or fixtures for help.

Timings of bookings

We understand that peak time for everyone is going to be weekdays between 4 and 10pm.  We are working on ways we can try to make the sharing of space fair.  This does mean that it is likely that not everyone will get exactly what they want, but hopefully will result in everyone getting something that they need.

We hope that these updates help clarify where we are with room bookings and please keep watching this space for updates and changes.  We understand how important space is for you but setting up new processes and finding a solution that is going to work for everyone involved can take some time.  We really hope this reassures you that we are doing all we can to get everyone back to doing what they love is a space that is going to work.