Sustainability Action Plan






Plastic bottle free campus

Reduced use of single use non-recyclable coffee cups

Distribute free water bottles and re-useable coffee mugs to all staff and students.

Remove all plastic bottled drinks from retail outlets.

Increase provision and visibility of water fountains and hot water dispensers across campus

Energy efficient actions and procurement choices are made – with equipment and suppliers.

Awareness campaign on “Switch OFF” – all appliances are switched off when not in use. Stand-by is not used.

Procurement decisions on electrical equipment are based on energy efficiency.

Awareness campaign on digital storage – deleting 500 e mails is as beneficial as planting one tree.

Use a supplier that uses green energy.

Reduce amount of waste going to landfill

Introduce robust recycling facilities to include food waste bins in all buildings and support this with an all campus campaign for compliance.

Eliminate single use plastic from campus outlets

Remove all non-recyclable/ non compostable materials from all food outlets on campus.

Increase number of microwave ovens available to students and staff

Reduce carbon footprint in catering

Reduce use of beef and lamb options and introduce more local produce and plant based options.

Limit carbon emissions and pollutions on campus

Reduce number of cars coming onto campus by increasing car parking costs and reducing number of parking spaces available.

Increase provision of bike loans, free bike schemes, bike parking, bus travel discounts

Incentivise car-pooling and cars with lower carbon footprints by offering reduced parking rates for these.

Improve demonstrable commitment to sustainable travel

Introduce policy to reduce air travel by identifying a distance threshold, minimising the number of “legs” in a journey

Reduce use of natural resources on campus

Implement a plan to harvest rainwater for all estate toilets, not just those in new buildings.

Full divestment from investment in tarsand, coal and fracking by 2023

Plan for reduction over next three years

Investments only in those companies who have signed up for the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative.

Declaration of commitment to SDG Accord

University wide graduate/curriculum attribute for environmental awareness

Signing of the SDG Accord

Influence public opinion on seriousness of climate situation

Declare Climate Emergency

Adequately resourced sustainability workforce

University and AUSA has named person responsible for sustainability (high level)

Sustainability roles established and resourced

Behaviour change group established