Saltire Awards


The Saltire Awards are for young people between the ages of 12 to 25 years to recognise and reward people for the fantastic contribution people make volunteering.  Volunteers receive certificates endorsed by the Scottish Government for their volunteering contribution.


The Saltire Awards are split into three different levels:


-Challenge - Helping out in a one-off event

-Approach - Awards for 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.

-Ascent -  Certificates are awarded for 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering.




Saltire Awards are co-ordinated in Aberdeen City by ACVO and supported and endorsed by the

Scottish Government.


Aged 12 - 25?

Why not get recognition for your volunteering hours?

Register for Saltire Awards online -

If you have completed the Saltire Awards or aren't eligible to participate then you maybe eligible for the AUSA Volunteering Award, email for more information.


Examples of Volunteering with AUSA

Sport and Society Committees - Class Reps - Student Council Committees - Raising and Giving - BookEnds - Student Media - Student Groups - Liberation Forums
(If you are volunteering with an external organisation please read further on).


How it works

Once you have registered and added where you are volunteering, put down the Activities Development Coordinator Laura Chalmers ( as the Supervisor.  Laura can verify all AUSA hours.  Start inputting your hours and when you reach enough for a certificate, go to "achievements" and claim the certificate.  Laura at this point then gets ask to verify the hours so sends you a timesheet to complete.  From the timesheet, she can work out the dates of your volunteering for your certificate and sends them off for it to be prepared.  Note: you can backdate any volunteering hours for two years.


Volunteering with External Organisations

If you are volunteering with an external organisation, you will need to check if they are registered to participate in the award as they would have to approve your hours.  

If you have any problems, please contact -

Mike Melvin
ACVO TSI, 38 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5YU
Tel: 01224 686076 | E-mail: Web: /