Chemical Engineering

We are the Aberdeen University Chemical Engineering Society.


Our aim is to provide a platform for students across the university from social events to links with IChemE.


Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, our team has been working hard behind the scenes in planning a variety of new events that will be introduced from this year. These include both social events to relax, professional networking events and industry site visits, such as the St Fergus Gas Terminal visit which took place in a previous year.


We have also established a close connection with the Aberdeen Young Members IChemE group with whom we organise opportunities to take part in throughout the year. Not only are these events enjoyable, they are also a great way to build connections and gain valuable insights into the working life of a chemical engineer by interacting with those currently working in industry. Furthermore, our links with Gradcracker provide excellent career-related opportunities. Our cooperation with Gradcracker will allow us to schedule webinars with industry leading companies and offer insights on how to gain employment with those companies.


We are currently looking to recruit new members in our committee. Being an AU Chemical Engineering Society committee member is a valuable experience which will allow you to develop and enhance many skills and is also an excellent way to get to know fellow students in other year groups!


We currently have a variety of positions available including year group representatives and an IChemE representative.


If you are an enthusiastic student with a keen interest in joining the Committee then please do contact us.


For any additional information regarding our events or any general queries please get in touch with Aleksis Kubier, our Facebook Page or through our email:


We hope you have a safe and fantastic year ahead and look forward to meeting many new members during all our upcoming events!

-        Aberdeen University Chemical Engineering Society