Who we are?

We are a friendly and fun community of students with a common interest in electronics, and applying the theoretical knowledge to real-world projects!

What do we do?

Currently our focus is on building the community and connecting students from across all years of study by organizing social events. Last year we held a self-balancing robot competition which tested each of our robots abilities for speed and power with races and small weights. Be sure to join and take part this year for our planned sumo competition.

Why should you join?

Everyone is welcome, whether you're an electronics expert, a first year engineering student or just passionate and interested in the type of things that the EEESoc does! You will get an opportunity to apply and expand your engineering skillset by working on practical real-world projects! This year we will compete on a national level aswell as offering more social events and trips! Become part of the EEESoc community, have a good time and make new friends!


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