This is the page for Aberdeen University's Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society - or EEESoc for short.The EEESoc is dedicated to assisting electronics students and enthusiasts alike. Each term we run events aiming to support those in the EEE, and allied disciplines, with the goal of cultivating a community around the degree. These include practical electronics class, socials, and other academically oriented classes. We also aim to run practically oriented projects where we can. This year our primary project is Nautilus ROV:


Nautilus ROV

Nautlilus is the society’s large-scale project for the year, putting together an interdisciplinary team with the goal of designing and fabricating a work class ROV to compete in the MATE ROV explorer-class competition. This project extends past our EEE roots, with the need for dedicated mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers. The competition also assesses marketing, finance and health and safety decisions, so there is a large range of ways to contribute to the team.


If you are a student at the University of Aberdeen please buy a student membership, if not, please buy a non-student membership. Besides this we also have a different level of membership for our Nautilus ROV project due to the scale of the project, this is also limited to students of the university due to the rules of the MATE ROV Competition - this membership does include all other membership benefits. 

We're always looking to expand our team and bring in new members, so if you'd like some more information, or you'd like to get involved at a committee level, please contact us via the means below: