The Chess Society at the University of Aberdeen is a group of people who enjoy playing chess.

Our spectrum of chess experience varies - everyone is invited! Most of us are beginners, so do not worry if you are a beginner too or do not know the rules of the game yet. In our meetings we have a beginners' class to introduce you to all the necessary basics, an opportunity to just play casual games as well as teaching delivered by our experienced members.

We currently hold our in-person meetings each Tuesday and Wednesday in room MR265 from MacRobert Building located on University of Aberdeen campus, from 7-10pm.

Apart from our weekly online and in person meetings, we participate with two teams in the 2020 Chess World League. 

We will also be holding an internal tournament, details of which shall be released in due course.  

Chess is a game full of tactics and strategy – so if you’re looking for an intellectual challenge boosting your brain activity, our meetings are the place to be! We are always happy to welcome new members – whether you’re starting out, just up for some casual games or looking to study chess more seriously! See you soon!

Please message the Chess Society Facebook page or email us at to receive the link to join our discord or find more information about further events! Everything about further events will be also posted on Facebook!