Theology and Religious Studies Society - TRSS

Religion and faith are some of the most hotly debated topics in the world! And yet, discussions on religion and belief are increasingly being treated as taboo. “Rule number one of etiquette - never talk about religion at a dinner party, down the pub, when meeting new people or on a first date”. As the Theology and Religious Studies Society, we aim to show that religion, belief, and morality can be discussed in a respectful, informed, and engaging way that doesn’t disturb the peace or aim to convert. 

This term, TRSS events will be a combination of online and in-person. 



Elected Committee 2021-22:

President: Caitlin Yool (PGR Theology/ Religious Studies Student)

Vice President: Zoe Strong (PGT Theology Student)

Secretary (re-elected at October 2021 EGM) 

Treasurer: Molly Nicolson (Second-year Theology Student) 

Equality & Interfaith Officer: Eloise Bradford (3rd-year Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Student) 

Second-Year Representative: Nadine Leona (2nd-year Theology Student)

Postgraduate Representative: Cody Crawshaw (PGR Divinity Student) 

Alumni Representative: Leon Guest (Physics Graduate) 

First-Year Representatives (re-elected at October 2021 EGM) 

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