Rocketry and Space Sciences Society

The Rocketry and Space Sciences Society is Aberdeen University's first society dedicated to the exploration of space and the discussion of novel and improved methods of reaching out into the cosmos. To our knowledge we are the first society in Scotland to offer students a platform for those interested in space travel to come together and discuss humanities future in space, and we are only the second with the aims to allow our members to create and launch their own high powered rockets.

We hold regular meetings for our members to discuss the nature of the universe, humanity’s role in it and how humanity should act as we move forward into the stars. We shall be bringing in speakers from the space industry to give talks regarding the details of space travel, the ground support for spaceflight and provide an insight into employment in the space industry.

In addition to this, a large portion of our time shall be spent creating and flying high powered model rockets; with intentions to gain experience and get gradually larger and attaining greater heights. We shall provide our members the opportunity to gain qualifications in high powered rocketry.

We have high targets and will ultimately continue to grow and prosper while providing students an insight into the future of humanity amongst the stars.

See you out there.

- Daniel, RSS Society President