Scottish Nationalist Association (AUSNA)

The Aberdeen University Scottish Nationalist Society (AUSNA) is a vibrant and engaging political society affiliated with the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP). Our society is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of Scottish politics, culture, and the pursuit of independence. As a platform for lively discussions and intellectual exploration, AUSNA provides a welcoming environment for students who share an interest in Scottish nationalism and its implications.


Our society is not only about serious political discourse but also about creating an enjoyable and inclusive experience for our members. In the upcoming academic year, we have an exciting lineup of fun activities and events planned. From Pints and Politics nights to debates and guest speakers, there will be something for everyone. These activities will allow members to connect with like-minded individuals, forge lasting friendships, and expand their knowledge of Scottish politics.


As a member of AUSNA, you will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions on SNP policies, the quest for independence, and other relevant political topics. You will also be part of a supportive community that encourages active participation and personal growth. Whether you are a seasoned political enthusiast or just beginning to explore the realm of Scottish politics, AUSNA offers a platform where you can learn, express your opinions, and have a great time.


Join us at AUSNA to be part of an inspiring journey of political awareness, cultural appreciation, and shared experiences. Together, we can shape the future of Scotland and make a positive impact within our university and beyond.


If you have any questions, you  can already drop us an email on or send us a message on our social media.


We look forward to seeing you very soon!


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